Video Vignettes

Over the past century, transportation has played a key role in the development of Canada.

Through the development of short video vignettes, TAC will highlight some of the Greatest Moments in Canadian Transportation (GMCT). The vignettes will celebrate Canadian achievements and innovations in transportation. They will also commemorate important milestones since the early 1900s, and point to potential breakthroughs that may impact the future of Canadians.

Top 10 Finalists

TAC members voted from a list of 42 possible transportation milestones to determine the top 10 Greatest Moments in Canadian Transportation. The top 10 GMCT finalists are:

  • Vancouver SkyTrain
  • Calgary CTrain
  • TransCanada Highway
  • Toronto Pearson International Airport
  • Confederation Bridge
  • Avro Arrow Fighter Jet
  • Creation of Transcontinental Railway System
  • Canadian Pacific Railway
  • St-Lawrence Seaway
  • Trans Canada Trail